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Finding Your Way on the Northern Neck

Updated: Jan 22, 2020


"Hi Truman? This is Nan."


"I was trying to find the house that you told me to look at for the siding. I"m in Lancaster right now. It's lose by isn't it?"

"Keep going to the bean field."

"Uh, the bean field? Truman, it's November. Everything's been harvested."

"Well, it were a bean field this past summer."

"Oh, ok. Where is this? Do you have a cross road?"

"I reckon it's 607."

"Hmm. Route 607 Good Luck Road or Farnham Creek Road? Is it left or right?"

"It's the road at the house where the man froze to death."

"Well, I'm at 607 Good Luck Road and there's no house here so I guess this isn't it?"

"The house burnt down."

"Is there anything there that I can see?"

"I reckon not."

"So I'm going down Good Luck Road and what do I do then?"

"Turn at the florist's."

"Florist's? I didn't think there were any businesses down here. This is all residential - or farmland."

"It's got the 'Hudson-Blunt' sign on it."

"The little frame building with the insurance company sign on it is the florist's?"

"It were a florist before they went out of business. Then they put the sign up."

"Fine. Am I getting close?"

"It's just past the Hudnall place."

"Is there a sign on the Hudnall place?


"Where is that then?

"It's next door to Eubanks."

"The hardware store?"

"No, the Arts Center."

"Maybe I can look at this siding on-line..."

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